Onward and Upward


For two days I’ve been sitting at my desk staring at the walls in the hope that some profound thoughts will jump out of my hat. And to no avail. I seem to have lost my way for the moment. I’m very sorry. I am trying to find words of wisdom, something exalted that will transcend the melancholy. The world is full of enough despair, and ugliness so next week I will write something from a more gracious heart.

Rodney Smith

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  1. As a great admirer of your work, I’ve been sad to see the struggles you’ve been having with your blog in recent months. Might a suggest a topic to get you started again? You have the most wonderful stories and I’m always curious how a picture of yours came to be. The events surrounding it…the reason for its creation…the drama of the actual creation…the thought process that led to the final outcome? You have been given a very special talent, that I’m sure comes with many burdens as well, but thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  2. Love the photo!!!! It is okay…we don’t have to have any thoughts of wisdom etc, just knowing you are with us is enough for me.

  3. I just like reading your blog, no need for every word to be exalted. Your friends don’t expect every thought to change the world, just tell us a story.

  4. Words escape us. Ideas are hard to come by. It’s ok! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your work is elegant, sometimes funny, always creative. Thank you for that!

  5. I have been looking at the photograph.
    I see more than a thousand words!
    The wonderful feeling of lightness on man,
    the solidity of landscape.
    A brief very impossible moment..
    Those wishing for more words have not examined and “looked” at the image.
    A few young Japanese visitors at “Cherry Blossoms” here in Toronto, ” saw me and asked the old photographer, for”good” advice..
    “See the photo, frame and push button”.
    again wonderful to see your posts, long or short..

  6. Please come to the UK for your next workshop, I know you love it here.

  7. You’ve always been an inspiration to me, I’m delighted every time I see a new image and enjoy where your photography takes my mind and spirit! The “Hat” image is magical, fun and mysterious, I love it! Jump into the hat and come out with a fresh perspective! I’m eager to read your ever-flowing thoughts. Best, G

  8. YES!!! I second Alexander’s suggestion of having a workshop in the UK. My only fear is the stampede. Elbows out, first in line. And a possible suggestion for a blog entry. Could we possibly,as parasites for your wisdom, see a um…….contact sheet!!! Scary stuff. No words needed.

  9. Perhaps try opening the umbrella, or searching the hat for a white rabbit.

  10. I miss your stories so much. Please start writing again, it was such a pleasure and inspiration. 2015 upwards and onwards

  11. I keep checking to see if you have come back. I hope you do, because I am going to keep checking. Missing your words.

  12. I hope all is well. I check back often and wonder…

  13. I hope all is well, Mr. Smith. Melancholy is to an artist what an injury is to an athlete. I second the notion that you should tell us more about how some of your photos came to be.

  14. I’ve often felt that way. It certainly has a reassuring feeling to know someone of your caliber has the same feelings and makes me feel hope for myself.

    I realize this doesn’t help with your writers block, especially since it’s been 10 months since your post…

    But we are not men of words. If we were, we wouldn’t be photographers – We’d be writers. Thus, we create images that give others words of expression. That’s what you do. You’re inspiration in a way that the rest of us can only hope to be in a thousand years.


  15. Writers blog is a terrible thing because you just cant see the end in sight. Sometimes you can try to hard to think of things and this can halt any creative thought. I’m sure it will come back. Love the photographs above by the way.

  16. Have to start blog again, its too good to miss.

  17. Must say, this is fab, so should get started again.

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