La carte sentimentale


In the Fall of 2013 I received some questions from a young photographer named Kohann Tensen in France that I felt where so insightful, and intelligent that I have often thought about him, and have often wondered how he became so wise.

After I finished his interview he wrote me, and asked me as a final wish to fill in one or two line responses to the following questions. They were to be spontaneous. He called this questionnaire “la carte sentimentale” or as he described it in English “a romantic passport”. He referenced Proust, and wished me good luck and thanks.

So in order to get me once again into the meandering stream of my weekly posts, I thought I might begin with my responses to his request. Here following is my la carte sentimentale.


the most beautiful song : My Romance

a music genre : Classical, but I like most music except rap.

a male singer : Pavarotti

a female singer : Ella Fitzgerald

an art movement (in painting) Hudson River School

a painter : Vermeer

a painting : Anything by Sargent

a writer : John Steinbeck

a book : Grapes of Wrath

a photograph : Spanish Wake

a photographer : W. Eugene Smith

a movie : Out of Africa

a film score : Days of Heaven

a director : Roman Polanski

a music composer : Samuel Barber

an actor : Cary Grant

an actress : Audrey Hepburn

a superhero : Superman

a superpower : contentment

an element (earth, fire, water and air but also sea, sky, wind, rain, thunder, fog, sand…) : fog

a letter : A

a number : 7

an animal : English Sheepdog

a tree : White Oak

a flower : Tulip

a sound : A Peacock’s Lament

a smell : Guerlains Jicky

a country : England

a city : Charleston, SC

a famous character you would love to meet : Jesus

an invention : automobile

a cure : cancer

a monument : Lincoln Memorial

a word : buoyancy

a verb : reclining

a habit : criticism

a relevant and insightful question : Who are we?

an essential thing : Light

an amazing thing : Trees

an enjoyable thing : Green grass

a success  : living

a quote : “Thanks to the human heart by which we live”

a mood : Melancholy

a deep regret : Not knowing my father better.

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  1. Thank you for rising above the fray… you have been missed.

  2. As my mom has often said- I am in a phone booth with an open umbrella. No matter which way I turn I get poked- Some people are spoiled and like to use that power to control others.

  3. So very glad you are back and thank you for not giving up and in.

  4. Just melted at Pavarotti followed by Ella Fitzgerald. Great list! Grazie.

  5. С огромным удовольствием посмотрел работы автора. Вдохновляет на новые мысли и сюжеты.

  6. Fab photographs and interesting article.

  7. la carte sentimentale…very interesting..thanks.

    Your images are beautifully created.

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