Wade not into Unknown Waters

Is it really The End? Is it the end of an era or something else? Should I heed the words on this spread: wade not into unknown waters? In the small remote corner of the planet I grew up in—a refined and course place where there were moments where men were gentle and at times even noble—I often felt estranged and separate from the general world.  I was drawn to the ideal, but mostly surrounded by the mundane.

That is why I took pictures.  I was looking to unite the two.  I was trying to pull the ordinary me into the extraordinary, to get closer to the wonder of people and places.  I was searching for a way in as I was practicing a way out.  No wonder I was so confused and anxious as a young man.

Just as I had finally found comfort with myself and my surroundings, the culture does its thing.  It evolves and changes into a place where I am again not comfortable.  Where I seek beauty, it finds contentment with an ugliness that is celebrated as an important vernacular.  Where I seek symmetry, the rhythm of life is discordant.  When I finally almost found my buoyancy, the world switches and everything is out of balance.

The question is, as I walk into the unknown future, how do I find the way to me all over again?

You can find the way to me this next week at PDN’s Photo Plus Expo at the Javits Center in New York City. I”ll be lecturing on October 23rd from 1:15 to 3:15.  Come by. Look at the book.  Talk. I’ll also be at the Kodak booth a majority of the day on October 22nd. Come and buy a book.