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I’m sorry but it seems like I can’t win. I think I’m going to only write about dead people, or myself. I don’t mind revealing my inner workings, but obviously others do, my daughter for one. So for the sake of family harmony I have removed this last post, but I will be continuing to write hopefully on a weekly basis. See you next week.

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  1. Welcome back!
    It’s Your blog, do what ever you feel like.
    I and many others simply enjoy your photographs and writing.
    I am busy (also a long pause) on a book and some small essays.I will have to make massive changes to the book as it’s based on facts. I will change all names and some events..I don’t want to hurt feelings or characters.
    So I know where you are coming from.
    My daughter’s sensibilities and feelings a big part..
    I love your writing about “how and the manner you approach” your work.
    Descriptions of your work methods, equipment and making of prints..{Do you still do wet prints?).The manner of presentation..
    I have followed you on many sites so have an idea, but many here don’t know some of this..
    Tech beats dead people..
    again so happy you are back..jason

  2. So pleased to see that you haven’t abandoned writing this blog. Looking forward to your next installment. Till then…

  3. Yea! You are back……….have missed you.

  4. Take heart. There are those of us who just feel privileged to see your photographs and listen to what you have to say, without feeling the need to attack you personally or question your motives. I admire your frankness. Everyone is a jerk to someone else’s way of thinking at some point. Oh well. No one escapes this life with universal admiration intact. But yes, you are probably wise not to piss off your own daughter. I was saddened to think you might disappear, so welcome back and keep being you to the extent you are able. Some of us value that.

  5. You have been missed.

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